Friday, March 26, 2010

Team Member Contracts

Once we receive our MLM license in Vietnam, we will begin the process of collecting applications from those who would like to join Synergy. After we receive applications we will need to have a signed contract with each team member. This is required by our Policies and Procedures and in accordance with Vietnamese law. This requirement will apply not only to those people who originally sign-up with Synergy in Vietnam, but also to those people who are already signed up with Synergy in another market who later move to Vietnam and transfer their Synergy membership there. For example, if I am a Team Member residing in Germany, and I have previously signed a contract through Synergy Europe, but I am now planning to move to Vietnam and continue my Synergy business, I will need to complete an application and contract with Synergy Vietnam. These forms can be obtained from the Synergy office in Hanoi after we receive our MLM license. At that time, we will also publish a document that will help people to understand more clearly all of the steps involved with becoming a Synergy Vietnam team member.